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Membrane Filtration, Microparticulation and Separation Technology

By SPX Corporation

Membrane filtration is a pressure driven molecular separation process typically used in industrial applications where there is a need to separate molecules and maintain nutritional, biological and physical properties of the components in general.

SPX offers the following membrane systems from our APV brand:

  • Removal of microorganisms from milk, whey and brine
  • Concentration, isolation and purification of milk and whey components (e.g. proteins, sugars, salts)
  • Concentration enabling reductions of transportation costs
  • Demineralization, desalting

Common dairy applications for membrane filtration:

Market milk, cheese making (protein standardization, casein standardization, cream cheese concentration), whey treatment, yogurts, water treatment and

Membrane filtration can be offered as standalone manually controlled units or fully automated inline systems featuring pre-and post-treatment for integration into new and existing process lines.

The APV LeanCreme™ Process

The APV LeanCreme™ process, based on the APV Shear Agglomerator (ASA), is a ground-breaking technology that boosts functionality of whey proteins and delivers products meeting the rising consumer demand for low fat, highly functional foods. The synergy between heat and shear binds water and shapes the proteins as fat globules - enhancing a creamy mouth feel without adding to the fat content. This makes APV LeanCreme™ the ideal starting ingredient for a wide range of innovative and dietary low fat recipes.

Common applications: improvement of e.g. low fat cheeses, full fat cheeses, fermented milk products, desserts, dressings, yogurt drinks, ice creams, spreads, protein shakes, confectionary, bakery and meat products.

Separation Technology

Seital, now part of SPX Flow Technology, is world renowned in the design and manufacture of disk centrifuges (clarifiers and separators).

Seital Vertical Disk Stack Centrifuges are highly efficient, compact products which offer high levels of performance at competitive prices. These well-established and proven products are widely used across applications in the food and beverage industry where either the efficiency of liquids separation and/or liquids clarification is needed.

Typical applications include milk skimming, clarification, bacterial clarification, whey processing, juice and wine clarification, edible oil refining and many other needs of the food and beverage industry in terms of separation. The centrifuges ensure minimum stress or damage to products with gentle separation of liquids and suspended solids to meet customer expectations.

High sanitary levels are achieved with a clean in place (CIP) cycle. Continuous operation and low maintenance costs bring further efficiencies and customer benefits.

SPX offers the following types of Separators from the Seital brand:

Solids Retaining Separators and Clarifiers (SR):

  • Concentrators
  • Clarifiers
  • Purifiers

Self-Cleaning (solids-ejecting) Separators and Clarifiers (SC)

  • Concentrators
  • Clarifiers
  • Purifiers
  • Nozzles centrifuges

Accessories for Separation Processes

  • Standardizers
  • Rotary brush strainers
  • Hydrocyclones

Pre-assembled units for Separation Processes

  • Combination of accessories and separators in skidded solutions