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Cheese Technology

By SPX Corporation

SPX offers a comprehensive selection of flexible and cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of cheese types and sizes with varying degrees of moisture content and fat in dry matter.

Cheese Systems:

Our APV brand cheese systems include:

  • CurdMaster cheese vat
  • SoftCurd cheese vat
  • CurdFinishing tank
  • FinesSaving tank
  • OPD Pre-Press
  • SaniPress system including mould filling, emptying and washing
  • Rack brining system including filling, emptying and washing of racks
  • Brine handling
  • CheddarMaster - all belt system Cheddar Table
  • MozzarellaMaster - dry curd system
  • MozzarellaMaster - batch system for soft curd

We also engineer customized systems based on our experience and wide range of technologies to meet your particular cheese production challenges.

Common applications: European pressed cheese, speciality cheese, pasta filata, cheddars, and fresh cheeses.

SPX cheese systems meet your business needs with:

  • Maximum production - advanced automation done in-house
  • Guaranteed performance - equipment assembled and tested before shipment
  • Design flexibility - systems customized to particular cheese production requirements

The CheeseMaster line is an automated, standard processing line for manufacturing all variations of European Pressed Cheeses (EPC) including hard-and semi-hard, round and rectangular, round-eyed and irregular-eyed, in sizes from 2.2 to 110 lbs per hour (1 kg to 80 kg) or more.

The CheddarMaster system is widely used for the manufacture of all types of cheddar and dry, salted cheeses. It is available as a tower and all belt system with capacities from 1 to 10 tons per hour.

The MozzarellaMaster is based on the same technology as the CheddarMaster and handles mozzarella or pizza cheese recipes.
The SoftCurd Cottage Cheese line is made for cottage cheese with or without cream. The capacity ranges from 1984 lbs. to 5953 lbs./batch (900 kg to 2700 kg/batch) for dry cottage cheese and approximately 3527 lbs. to 10803 lbs./batch (1600 kg to 4900 kg/batch) for creamed cottage cheese.

The specially-designed Rack filler features filling below water level for gentle treatment of soft, pressed cheeses.

The Brine handling system ensures forward flow of clean, saturated, temperature-adjusted brine, enabling real batch traceability.

The FinesSaving tank recovers and reintroduces cheese fines into the cheese to increase yields.

The OPD Pre-Press offers flexible pre-pressing of all kinds of semi-hard and hard cheese types.

The Mould fillers offer flexible filling solutions for cheeses of various dimensions and shapes with different structures and firmness. They can fill up to 24 cheeses in the same operation.

The highly-flexible SaniPress system is ideal for final pressing of semi-hard and hard cheeses

The APV Cheasly FC allows dairies to use the same process line to produce a full range of fresh cheeses, quark, yogurt and desserts. The system will help you achieve major manufacturing benefits including a lower capital investment, flexibility for easy line extensions and new formulations, reduced operating costs, and improved product consistency.