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Drinks Business Review
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Lawson – Software Solutions for the Drinks Industry

What's Keeping you up at Night? A near recall on one of your products? Harsh demands from one of your largest customers? The launch of yet another new product? Missed deliveries to a key customer? The list just goes on.

Turning your Pains into Gains
At Lawson, our job is to help turn pains into gains for you. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, and over 400 food and beverage customers worldwide, we have the know-how to deal with the unique challenges faced by companies like yours. And based on this experience, we have developed an enterprise solution that can help you meet and even turn these challenges to your advantage.

The Lawson Food & Beverage solution helps manage your supply chain, your customers, your people, and your bottom line. It helps you to reduce overheads, become more efficient and match demand with production. The solution is flexible and scalable, so it meets your needs now, and as you grow.

Keeping your Customers Happy
Your success lies in knowing what your customers want, and then getting it to them when they want it. It sounds simple enough, but you know that this is easier said than done, especially if you’re dealing with constant variations and complexity in your supply chain.

The Lawson solution helps you keep your customers happy. Our optimization tools balance what you have with what your customers want in the best possible way. And you can define ‘best way’ in several different ways. You might decide to satisfy as many customers as possible, prioritize a certain customer group, or focus on maximizing profits through product mix. Whatever your goals, the Lawson Food & Beverage solution can help you meet them.

Protecting your Beverage Company from Food Scares
They say all publicity is good publicity. But in the case of food scares, this simply isn’t true. It takes just one incident to ruin the reputation of a brand and cost your company millions. We know that there are lots of reasons for recalls and nonconformance issues: contamination, allergens, faulty ingredients and labeling issues are just a few. These can all lead to unhappy customers, damage to brands that can take years to rebuild, and worse.

Lawson can help protect your business from food safety scandals and can give you the edge in today’s high-stakes food safety environment. Our traceability solution provides transparency from the raw materials and supplies through to your customers. It can go beyond helping you to meet government, customer, and consumer demands by giving you visibility on demand. With the ability to trace all ingredients back to their source, you can build confidence and trust in your brand, and differentiate your products in the market.

Dealing with Channel Masters
When you supply any of the major retailers or food service companies, you probably feel that they dictate how to run your business. They squeeze your margins, impose certain business practices and make hard-to-meet demands. And because they have such a large market share, there’s not a lot you can do about it.

But doing business ‘their way’ doesn’t have to mean that you can’t win from the relationship. The answer is tight control and collaboration. With make-to-stock manufacturing, collaborative forecasting and demand planning, vendor managed inventory, and a sharp focus on quality, you can keep your largest customers happy, and run your business profitably.

Introducing New Products
New products are popping up all the time. Organic, free-from, new blends, natural, probiotic … the list goes on. To stay ahead, you need to keep on top of a rapidly changing marketplace. You need to be innovative, and you need the ability to move fast. Lawson can help take your new product from idea through to production and launch. With the Lawson solution you can manage your forecasts, budgets, suppliers, and promotions. And once your product is launched, you’ll have better control of inventory requirements, profit margins, and customer requirements.

A Solution that’s Built for your Business
The issues faced in the food and beverage industry are unique. On top of this, challenges vary widely depending on your category and where you are in the value chain. So whether you produce soft drinks or fresh juices, whether you run a brewery or a dairy, Lawson understands how your business works and how to make it more efficient.

Our industry focus runs throughout the company, from product development to implementation consultants. Our approach is one of partnership, and our food and beverage experts will work closely with you to fully understand your business and your requirements for the future.

Why Lawson?
Our mission is to make our customers stronger. We are 100 percent committed to this goal and work closely with all our customers to make sure that we deliver on it. Your success depends on your ability to provide unrivalled service to your customers. Likewise our success depends on providing the same to you.

380 St Peter Street
St Paul
MN 55102
Tel: +1 800 477 1357
Email: info@lawson.com
URL: www.lawson.com/fab