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Velcorin® - An excellent choice for your wine


Velcorin® technology is an oenological practice that protects wine against micro-organisms and preserves its natural flavour.



Drinking wine encompasses the smell, taste and experience. In brief, wine offers pure enjoyment.

The high expectations of consumers mean that oenologists are always facing new challenges regarding the quality of wine. A key factor is the microbiological stability of the product. The refermentation of wines is a particular problem for oenologists, as micro-organisms are everywhere during the production, sotrage and filling of the wine. Micro-organisms that can spoil products, such as yeasts, moulds and bacteria do not just affect the quality and particularly the organoleptic characteristics of the wine, but can in certain circumstances pose a health risk to consumers. Global trade, long transports times as well as different types of packaging are some of the other stresses that wine is exposed to. Trends to develop new products with a lower alcohol content and additional flavours or fruit juices are leading to new challenges.

Nowadays, the microbiological stability of wines is predominantly achieved by using SO², filtration, the pH value of the wine and the natural alcoholic conent. Velcorin® (dimethyldicarbonate/DMDC) provides an additional, effective oenological practice where we can offer the required protection for all alcoholic beverages for which DMDC has been approved.

Velcorin® - Versatile applications for oenologists

The most important Velcorin® applicatons include:

  • Quality assurance thanks to protection against refermentation
  • Optimistation of filtration
  • Optimisation of SO²
  • Excellently effective against typical wine spoilage yeast organsims e.g. Brettanomyces
  • Microbial Stabilisation in bulk wine applications
  • Targeted fermentation stop
  • Alternative to hot filling process and tunnel pasteurisation
  • Replacement for potassium sorbate

DMDCHow does Velcorin® work?

Velcorin® penetrates the cell and deactivates enzymes, causing the micro-organisms to die.

Once added to the wine, Velcorin® rapidly breaks down into negligible amounts of methanol and carbon dioxide, naturally occuring compounds in wine. Consquently, it has no effect on the taste, smell or colour of the beverage.

Velcorin® - Range of applications

  • Wine (white, rose, red)
  • Alcohol - free and low - alcohol wine
  • Fruit wines
  • Mixed wine beverages
  • Apple and pear cider
  • Alcoholic mixed beverages
  • Alcohol - free soft drinks

Used around the world

Velcorin® is a recognised oenological practice that is used in a variety of applications in countries that produce wine. In 2011, the International Organisation for Vines and Wine (OIV) considerably extrended the use of DMDC in wine, ensuring that oenologists could widely use Velcorin® in vinification facilities.

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