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SkyPeople launches Hedetang (Mei County) Kiwi Orchard

DBR Staff Writer Published 09 August 2016

SkyPeople Fruit Juice announced the official launch of Hedetang (Mei County) Kiwi Orchard by Shaanxi Guoweimei Kiwi Deep Processing Company (SGKD), an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of SkyPeople.

Shaanxi Guoweimei Kiwi Deep Processing Company has signed a lease agreement of 20 thousand mu (approximately 3,300 square acres) of farmland with the Di'erpo Committe of Jinqu Village, Mei County, Shaanxi for 30 years, from August 5, 2016 to August 4, 2046.

SkyPeople CEO Yongke Xue said: "We are pleased to announce this lease agreement for agricultural land in Mei County, a region known worldwide for its production of organic kiwi products.

"The Hedetang Kiwi Orchard employs the use of intelligence agricultural technology tools to optimize harvest yields, day-to-day management and product marketing.

"This new modern approach is part of our strategic plan to create a high tech agricultural value chain by coordinating distribution through high-tech means such as the utilization of e-commerce platforms."

The Hedetang (Mei County) Kiwi Orchard is located in Mei County, the "Home of Kiwi", and produces only organic kiwi. The orchard will utilize intelligence agriculture technologies to grow kiwi saplings.

For commercial kiwi production, the Company will realize their online and offline distribution kiwis through Hedetang Farm Products Trading Market Company (HDTM). For non-commercial kiwi production (i.e. further processed from raw material kiwi products), the Company will facilitate their further processing through SGKD,

in order to reduce the purchase cost of raw materials and ensure the quality of kiwis. The orchard is expected to benefit the Company significantly.

The transition from traditional agriculture to modern intelligence agriculture is becoming a growing trend. Intelligence agriculture utilizes modern technology including cloud computing and sensor networks across all stages of the agricultural production, management and marketing processes.

The resulting agriculture system is planned to be highly advanced as it will also leverage state-of-the-art decision making programs, social service systems, precision planting, visualized management and internet marketing.

The launch of Hedetang (Mei County) Kiwi Orchard will promote the transition of kiwi plantations from a traditional approach to an intelligence approach, and fully utilize the benefits of agriculture mechanization, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) monitoring, automatic identification and other intelligence tools.

Hedetang (Mei County) Kiwi Orchard is also expected to realize a seamless collaboration with HDTM, which will contribute even more intelligence agriculture to the business.

Source: Company Press Release